Column: 5 ways to use pet food well

In [ecodoglife]
One food can't support all dogs.
We believe that this is a good thing.

Of course, we are proud of the food we produce and sell in our store, so we are
This is not to say the quality of the food.

It's just that
Food manufactured for a wide range of dog types]
There is nothing to think about until the individual differences and problems of pets, and
Health conditions, allergies, age, etc. cannot be taken into account.

It must also be stored for a long period of time in order to be manufactured and distributed.
There are also sacrifices to be made in order to heat treat and add preservatives.

Don't be paranoid about hoods.

Understanding that the hood has its limits, and making the most of it.

If it is considered to be
It will be an excellent meal that will help the owner, so
Here are some ways to use it successfully.



0. Let's use additive-free food as a prerequisite.

In [ecodoglife], since 1999, when it was founded, we have been
I've only selected [additive-free food].

This started out as an ecological store for people, so
Synthetic additives that had been alerted for human use were
This is because I had big doubts about the heavy use of it in food.

Even now that the Pet Food Act is in place.
The use of additives that are not allowed to be used in humans
The reality is that it is an accepted reality.
Anti-rotation and antioxidant [synthetic preservatives], and
Synthetic Flavoring 】, 【Synthetic Flavoring 】, 【Synthetic Seasoning 】, and 【Natural Flavoring】 to improve the bite.
To make it look better [synthetic coloring], etc.
is heavily used.

Pets are smaller than humans and
Since it is growing at more than six times the speed of a human
It is susceptible to the effects of synthetic additives.
Please choose additive-free food.
In addition, although it is called "additive-free" these days
used in intermediate processes or just not used in the final manufacturing process.
Additive-laden food and produced in the same factory as
There is a high chance of contamination, such as in shared lines.
In addition, antibiotics and antibiotics contained during the growth of foodstuffs
to growth hormones, pesticides, chemical fertilizers, etc.
There seems to be even less consideration.


1. try to add natural materials suitable for the individual differences.

Since pets also have individual differences
It's unreasonable to think that one food can handle it, and
Customization to compensate for individual differences and
Arranged, toppings are considered necessary.
Preferably not made by chemical synthesis.
Balanced natural materials
I recommend adding it to the list.

Cancer is also the leading cause of death in dogs today.
In terms of preventive medicine and improving immunity, the
There are also supplemental foods and supplements that cannot be consumed with food alone.
We think it is necessary to consider.

In particular, a small and medium-sized dog 6 years old and a large dog 5 years old is about 40 years old, with a human age
Think about aging and preventive medicine as well.

For example, [if you want to take care of your bones and joints]
Incorporate animal protein materials such as calcium-rich sardines, and
Rich in chondroitin and collagen
Toppings such as shark tangles are recommended.

[For those who want to care for their old dog], it's rich in beta-glucan.
Toppings such as tamogitakes are recommended.

[If you want to take care of your appetite]
Domestic deer green stripe or
Goat milk topping is recommended.

Also, if you don't want to strain your gastrointestinal tract during or after summer heat or illness, you can use
Can absorb nutrients without straining the stomach
We recommend the use of soup or milk.

Wanohana Bonosalte Series] includes oil, milk, and
Many supplementary diets and natural supplements are covered.


2. hydrate your diet as well.
Hydration is important to remove waste products from the body and
We humans are also advised to drink two liters of water a day.
Pets have a lot of dry food.
They tend to be inadequately hydrated.

Hydration is also effective in preventing urine crystals and urinary stones in your dog.
At [ecodoglife], you can add water, soup, milk, or
Pouring vegetable juice, such as
Hydration while eating is recommended.
Not to indulge the food
You can feed it right away as it is for rehydration.
Your dog will be more likely to eat it than the dried ones alone.

Soup, milk, and juice (no salt or sugar) are especially recommended.
You can also get nutrition from soups and milk, and
In the summer or after an illness, such as when your appetite is depleted
Even when solids like food are difficult to eat
This is because you can absorb nutrients from the soup milk without straining your stomach.

You can make the soup yourself, or you can make
Wanohana Bonosarte Sea and Earth Soup] is easy to use and
For milk, I recommend something like [Wanohana Bonosarte Goat Milk Powder].


3. enzymes and useful bacteria should also be supplemented.
Preservable food to be dry or canned
Because of the high heat treatment, the
The [food enzymes and useful bacteria] in the food
It is more likely to be destroyed by heat treatment.
Low levels of [food enzymes] in food can lead to
We must make more enzymes to compensate for the deficiency, but
Since there is a fixed amount of enzymes that can be produced during an organism's lifetime, the
When the enzyme balance in the body is imbalanced, the
The life-saving functions of respiration, digestion, detoxification, metabolism, and immunity are
It is said to be lowered.

Also, [useful bacteria] can help balance the digestive system and
Maintain and improve your autoimmunity.

Digestive raw vegetables and beef, if you have the time
You can supplement the dietary enzymes with toppings for non-heat-treated foods such as seaweed, and
You can supplement the useful bacteria with Natto or yogurt, for example.

In our store it is easy to use
Fruit Zyme, Fermented Veggie, Enzyme Vegetable 200+alpha, and other enzyme supplements.
We recommend things such as [tripe powder], which replenishes useful bacteria.


4. replenish with fresh, high-quality oil.
Quality oil] is important.
Particularly if you have dandruff from your skin due to lack of luster or dryness.
It replenishes the sebum and shine from within the body.
Even in healthy pets, [fine oils]
As well as being a source of energy
They make up cell membranes, hormones, and more.
It is absolutely necessary for life.

In particular, it is believed that it is not synthesized by the body.
The only way to get essential fatty acids is to absorb them from the diet.
Omega-3 oils
Makes cell membranes supple and less likely to form clots, and
It has been shown to have a positive impact on cancer and tumor risk avoidance.

If [heat-treated food]
Even if high-quality oils are used as raw materials
Can not expect its effect by heat or oxidation by air.

The oil is of the cold compression method during production, unheated and
Let your dog take it without too much exposure to air.

In the [Wanohana Bonosarte series]
It is also available in capsules, which are recommended.

5. try to consume a wide variety of foods.
We've been told to consume a lot of foods in humans.
We believe the same is true for pets.
In light of the above
By giving you toppings such as vegetables and meat
Eating more ingredients, and
A wide variety of nutrition can be taken.

It's also good to use home ingredients and
The Wanohana Bonosarte series
Vegetables, grains, animal proteins, etc.
I recommend it because a wide range of ingredients are available and easy to use. In addition, Wanohana offers a hassle-free way to
[Additive-free food "rotational diets" or "mixed diets"]
I also recommend it.
"Rotating food" means that the ingredients are "additive-free food,
How to change the order and feed them while rotating them
A "mixed diet" is a method of feeding a mixture of foods.

In addition, when the ingredients change, it takes time for the bacteria in the gut to adjust.
The stools may become hard or soft.
It can last for a few days in early children and up to a month in longer children, so please consult us.
Also, when switching, rotate the food while mixing it up.

At e-codoglife, the owner does not make any changes to the food.
The owner is to take an interest in health through the diet of his dog, and
I'm a big fan of it because it strengthens the bond between the owner and his dog.

It's called a factory where you don't know the additives and ingredients.
From [industrial products] produced in a black box
Customizing and arranging the owner's ideas in the kitchen
[Meals] Let them change to
Let's pour plenty of [the essence of the owner's love] on it.

We hope this column has been of some help to you.
Have a happy ecological dog life! (^_^)

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