Column: 7 things I want you to think about in your life with your dog

Column: 7 Things to Consider in Life with Your Dog 1


[To own a dog is to welcome a family member].
By all means, gather a lot of information before you get one.
Don't be afraid to study and exchange information.
Let's create a society where you can live with your dog.
You can refer to it if you want.
We would be happy to talk to you if you want to own a dog.

1. get to know both sides of your dog's life

Life with my dog is so wonderful.
I feel very happy.
Studies have shown a 30% reduction in the risk of death for owners and
When you and your dog gaze at each other, oxytocin is released on both sides, and
Healing the mind and relieving the body's pain
There have been reports of therapeutic effects.
There's a lot more.

On the downside, the
Places you can take your dog in Japan and
There are constraints, such as transportation
Costs such as food and medical bills are also very costly.
There are also issues surrounding your dog, such as
Nearly 10,000 pet dogs a year are still being killed in health centers and
It is an unfortunate state of affairs, and
Hereditary diseases, due to overbreeding
Some statistics show that 54% of deaths are caused by cancer.

I don't think humans and their dogs can live well together yet, so
If possible before getting a dog
I would like you to know both sides of the story as little as possible.



2. be prepared to raise them for life

Welcoming a loving dog is a
Welcoming [an important family member].
Depending on the breed.
Your dog's life can be 10 to 20 years.
You must be prepared to keep it for life until it passes away.
Think about it with the whole family and make the decision with the consensus of the family.




3. choosing a dog that is not a mismatch

Easily kept for looks and fads
There is no shortage of owners who abandon it.
My advice is.
Think about their lifestyle and
Appropriate dog personality, size, amount of exercise required, training performance, etc.
I believe that you should think about it and decide.

As an example, we have a store and we like to camp.
Relatively active, but the day-to-day life is laid back and
The face is also soft and amiable to everyone
We chose a golden retriever, a calm dog.
You can look up breed information in books and on the Internet, but
Let's hear from the live owners.

The people I know have been gathering information and
Deciding on the breed, and
Joining the breed club, the
Participating in camps and events, and
From a serious breeder that the club met through a connection
We welcomed our dog.
A dog that has taken that much time to be chosen is a happy dog.



4. consider where to get your dog
Easily in Japan at the pet store
There are many people who keep them from puppies, but
Gather information and think seriously about where to get them.

It's said that more than half of the shelter dogs in Europe and the United States are adopted.
In Japan, more and more people are adopting shelter dogs.

Many of today's Japanese dogs have genetic diseases.
Amateur breeding and
The harm caused by profiteering breeders and pet stores
Isn't that big?

I can't wait to see the licensing system for breeding and
I think there needs to be a ban on the display and sale of living things.
It's a [job of creating and giving away lives].

My recommendation would be to contact the breed clubs and other organizations to
This is how to get introduced to a serious breeder.



5. do not breed easily
Bleeding preventing genetic diseases
It's very difficult, costly and hard work.

In Europe, it's [life-creating work], so you need a license.
I'm an amateur with no such knowledge or information.
We believe that bleeding should not be done.


6. your dog's food and household items should also be careful
Your dog grows six times faster than a human.

Food creates cells and
The body creates.
Today, when 54% of deaths are caused by cancer
Your dog's food and household items are also
Consider organic, additive-free as well as human.


7. moral uplift and community building are important
There is no [stupid dog] in the world.
There are only [stupid owners].
Let us owners ourselves improve our morale.
Then we can form a community and
Spread the information you collect to your family and friends by word of mouth.
That way, more people will understand.

I've been to seminars at junior high schools and social learning centers.
We are happy to talk to you.

If everyone moral up.
Parks, where you can go with your dog or
Cafes, restaurants, and more
Trains and buses as well as Germany
We should be able to ride together.

Good luck!

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