Column: It's important to continue your pet's diet

■ The body is created by eating

According to a survey, cancer is the leading cause of death for pet dogs (54%).
It is also said that 20% of pets have some kind of skin trouble.
The body of both humans and pets is created by food.

In the human body
Gastrointestinal mucosa 3 days, skin 30 days,
In 6 months to 1 year for muscles and 3 years for bones
It is said to be remade.

And 6 times faster than humans
The pet dog that is said to be shorter, isn't it?
Pets that are small and grow fast
Because it is significantly affected by the diet
Because it's a pet
You need to be careful about the ingredients and additives in your diet.

In [eco dog life], raw materials of human grade or higher are used.
If possible, low pesticides, pesticide-free, organic ingredients,
Dietary and care products without synthetic additives
That is why we are proposing.

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