Specializing in additive-free organic products for your dog [ecodog]
Due to the sale of the Sugiyama Rose Garden facility at the end of August 2020, we have relocated and renamed the store.
The store has been operating under the influence of the new coronavirus infection (COVID-19) while taking measures against infection under the responsibility of a "pet dog food store". Please wear a disinfectant and mask when entering the store.
Our business hours and measures are subject to change based on the social situation, and will be announced at the store, on social networking sites, and on our website. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

99-2 Matoba 99-2 Matoba, Shimizu-cho, Suntogun, Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan ecodog

CLOSE DAY:Tuesdays and Wednesdays (except for year-end and New Year's holidays, summer vacation, and special holidays.)

Parking: 5 cars (it is recommended that you come from the east side towards Mishima, stop in front of the parking lot, and park after seeing off the following cars)


■New store commitment 1

Plastered with finesse.

All the walls and ceilings in the store, as well as the washrooms and toilets, were plastered.
The plaster not only absorbs odors, but also controls humidity by absorbing moisture in summer and expelling it in winter. Most importantly, it purifies the air and makes the space more comfortable.

An amateur paint job may not be as easy as a professional's, but the bumps and dips in the paint create shades of shadows, which in turn make for a wonderful space that you never get tired of.

The plaster was also made by purchasing powdered plaster from a construction materials wholesaler and mixing it with water, so it doesn't contain any chemical ingredients like the ready-made ones.
I couldn't have painted this area without the help of a friend. It's an amazing amount of money to have a professional do it for you. Thank you so much.

When you come to the new store, look at the plastered walls. It feels great to touch. I think the air is nice too. (^...^)
If you're interested in DIY plastering, I'll explain it to you. This is a great wall material for dog lovers to use. (^^)


■New store commitment 2

It's the original stainless steel counter of 3 meters. ^)
Nice stainless steel countertops, right!

This original stainless steel counter was proposed and made by a local space designer, the late Mr. Fujiwara of Cambridge Forest, 15 years ago... The design and the body of the counter have not aged over the past 15 years.

As it was also Mr. Fujiwara's personal belongings, I thought about bringing it to the new restaurant, but as it was actually made in 5m in length, I considered various layouts, but no matter how much I tried, it would not fit in the new restaurant.
After consulting with the kitchen equipment store that made it, we were able to cut it down to 3 meters and install it in the new store. Thank goodness!

It's nice to know that people can use it after 15 years without any problems and want to use it for a long time.
Our product creation is similar to this counter.
Customers love it!
You'll want to feed them all the time.
We want to create products that will last a long time.

When you come to the new store, look at the original 15-year-old stainless steel counters.


■New store commitment 3

It's a 2.5m old wood shelf from the USA. ^)
This was also suggested and made by a local genius space designer, the late Mr. Fujiwara of Cambridge, 15 years ago.

Fifteen years ago, we went to the not-so-famous Gallop's in Atsugi, where he bought old wood from the United States, which he had reserved for me, and processed it for me.
I also made the original iron shelf supports and brought them with me again, but this time the store has few walls and I can't use the old shelf supports, so I asked an iron artist to make a freestanding cube stand for the shelf supports and that's what I'm using. Thanks to this, I was able to build the shelves without walls.

The old wood is walnut, or whatever it is, it's heavy, solid, and tasteful.
I don't know if I can ask Gallop about it, so if anyone knows anything about wood, I'd like to see it and let me know.(^. ^)

For storage efficiency, I could use modern display fixtures, but they have no taste or personality and I don't really like them.
I decided to definitely bring it to the new store since it was Fujiwara's legacy.
It's nice that it's still working after 15 years and people want to use it for a long time.
Our product line is similar to this shelf.
Customers love it!
You'll want to feed them all the time.
We want to create products that will last a long time.
If you come to the new store, please pay attention to the old wood shelves.



■New store commitment 4

It's a large piece of used furniture. ^)

This is another large piece of furniture that was used in an apothecary shop, I think, 15 years ago, which I found online and appropriated for display purposes.
I asked the movers to take it off and set it up in the new store, as it was a perfect fit for the previous store.
It's my favorite piece of furniture and I can't get rid of it~(^. ^)

When you come to the new store, please pay attention to the furniture from the former apothecary.
Mr. Fujiwara, a space designer, told me fifteen years ago, "Mr. Tomatsu, if you build a store, if you put in shelves and such, they will become garbage when you move, so it is better to use furniture that you can take with you when you move. With furniture, you can rearrange it and change it around for a change of pace.

I'm grateful that I've been able to divert most of it for this move.



■New store commitment 5

It's a handmade signature. ^)

I bought this thick, patterned wooden panel over 10 years ago. I used them in the old store, but the new store had windows that were too big, so I aged these panels with oil wax to accent them and installed them with silver painted ecodog letters I bought at a 100 yen store. I think it's a nice accent for the store without being too white on the plaster walls. (^. ^)

The e-codog sign on the right side of the entrance, I thought about asking a professional to do it, but that would be no fun, and it would cost 50,000 yen, so I did a DIY project to polish the stainless steel panels, put brass on them, and then put the logo cutting sheet on top of it.
I like it because it matches the color of the olive leaves on the brass. (^.)
I designed the windows and other cutting sheets and had them made and attached by myself.
Please don't look at it too much because it's bent in some places (T . T .)
Keep an eye out for handmade signs when you come to the new store.


■New store commitment 6

It's an ecodog logo design. ^)

The logo design created by a local designer about 20 years ago, in the days of ecodog, the predecessor of wananehana, and eco-zakka.com (^^^)
Since 20 years ago, the corporate theme has been "Symbiosis and ecology between people and their dogs", and I loved the design of the people and their dogs cheerfully marching on a leaf designed for ecology (^^^).
We haven't used it since we closed [ecodog.com], but my wife and I love it so much that when we opened [ecodog], it was the only logo we had! I was able to revive it.
The power of design is amazing, it doesn't feel dated (^^)
Keep an eye out for the logo when you come to the new store.


■New store commitment 7

It's a houseplant(^. ^)
The houseplant love started when I moved into my condo two years ago, and I was thinking about houseplants when I built the new store.

I brought in some that were given to me by clients and friends, and some that I had grown at home for two years (^o^).

In the foyer are, from right to left, olive, ivy, striped ash and jasmine. The jasmine given to me by a friend has flowers and smells great (^. ^)

You can also find Everfresh and palm trees in the store.
We will add more pieces as it grows. Please look forward to it.
When you come to the new store, you should also pay attention to the houseplants.


Oct. 1, 2020
Hiroto Tomatsu, President of ecodog