ecodog offers a car-sharing service called "Light Camping Van for Dog Lovers: ecodog CAMP VAN".
This service is available to dog lovers only.


I looked into renting a camper with my dog, but I couldn't rent one because there were no dog-friendly camping cars, or even if there were, there were only a few of them, the service had been discontinued, large dogs were not allowed, and so on and so forth.

Then, we thought we should prepare "camping cars for dog lovers" and share them with people who share the same idea, and we started the service on October 1, 2020.

For car sharing applications and inquiries, please use the popular "VANLIFE carstay! You can book easily with insurance. You can also search for a place to stay, making it a convenient site.

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■Recommendations for ecodog CAMP VAN
This is a "Light Camping Van for Dog Lovers" so only dog lovers are allowed to use it and non-dog lovers are not allowed to use it.
This is a Honda Stepwagon White House built camper that sleeps 4 with seating for 8 people.
Pop-up roof allows it to sleep 2 people and 2 people underneath. Recommended sizes range from 1 adult and your dog to about 2 adults, 2 children and your dog.
With the pop-up roof up, the height of the room is more than 2 meters, so you can stand and change clothes, and you can ventilate the room to make it more open and comfortable.
If you want to take the train, you can pick it up at Mishima station. (Optional)
If you have a car, you can park it in Numazu or at the ecodog store parking lot about 15 minutes away from the Nagaizumi Numazu Interchange. Parking fee is free. (However, we will not be involved in any problems while parking the car.)
Large dogs are also available and do not require a cage (we leave it to you to decide whether to use a cage or not)
The number 5 license plate makes driving and parking easy, and the height of the car is 1890mm, so you can use the multi-level parking lot.
Three sides of removable screen doors to prevent insects and keep you cool in summer.
The FF heater from the second battery allows you to sleep warmly in winter.
Portable power supply with USB/DC/AC output.
Equipped with cushions and air mats for two people to make a flat seat.
A soft cooler box is provided for your convenience in purchasing cooking materials and souvenirs.
There is no on-board toilet. It is recommended to rent a toilet in the facility to avoid odor and cleaning.
Although there are no showers in the car, we recommend you to use the hot spring facilities and campsites.
The food is better if you eat outdoors. You can also rent camp chairs, tables, tarps, etc. You can also eat and drink in the car, such as packed lunches.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask us.

ecodog CAMO VANと看板犬ジョルノ。カーサイドタープとともに。

■Dog Camping Recommendations
We are a corporate polly, "Living with Your Dog" as the theme.
We recommend traveling with your dog, staying in the car, and camping.
We're camping enthusiasts ourselves.
Starting from the 1990s, the
Since I started getting my dog in 1998, my travels have been mostly camping or staying in the car.

I've also stayed at my dog's pension.
I've always loved camping, and
As long as the weather is good.
Spend time with your dog at various free camps.

Just being in nature will make your eyes sparkle and
If you have a campfire, it will lie quietly at your feet, and
If you sleep with them, they will gladly sleep with you and
You can take a walk in the middle of nature early in the morning together and
Camping with your dog is a lot of fun.

Also, there are more and more facilities where you can park your car, and facilities with toilet facilities.
It is now easier to take a nap or stay in the car if you follow the rules and etiquette.
You don't have to make reservations for places to stay.
You can travel flexibly with your dog depending on the weather and your interests.
It's one of the best parts of traveling in the car with your dog.

The Fuji-Hakone Izu area, where our store [ecodog] is located, is rich in nature and facilities.
It's a great area for camping with your dog, staying in the car, and traveling.


■Recommendations for Choosing a Camper
If you're thinking about buying a camper
We recommend that you try out different types of campers.
Depending on your lifestyle, family structure, and
How to enjoy the journey, the
And because all owners want different things.

Those who prefer an all-in-one, all-in-one look and feel, and
Those who want to have fun while maintaining it to their liking with DIY
Those who want to complete such things as self-catering and toilets in the car
Those who want to use good restaurants and specialties, hot spring facilities, as well as self-catering
and so on, such as
Experience things and
Choose a car according to your preferences.

Maybe you don't want to buy and own one.
A variety of campers to suit the needs of the moment.
Some people find it more practical to rent or share.

■Light Camper Recommendations
For us, the ecodog CAMP VAN will be our second light camper.
The first camper we got around 2005 was a Bakanches, based on the new Hiace 200, which was built by Linley.
It was an 8 number camper, but it was a light camper without any equipment such as a toilet and a microwave, and it was very active in opening events.
I traveled with my family and staff from Gunma in the north to Awaji Island in the south for work events. It's a good memory.

However, I was personally dissatisfied.
We stayed in a flat second/third sheet, so the ceiling was too close and there was no bagnet (screen), so there was no air flow and it was oppressive and not a very comfortable camper to sleep in.
There was also no FWD heater, which made it difficult to use in cold weather.

This second generation camper is a light camper with a pop-up roof, the pop-up roof gives it a sense of openness, the bug-netting provides good air flow, and the FF heater makes it easy to use in the winter.

We're also a transporter on a daily basis.
The size and fuel efficiency of the
You want to feel like you're camping outside for meals and cooking, and
I wanted to enjoy some good restaurants and spa facilities.
I'd rather tinker with things on my own than an all-in-one, and
I don't have a plan, so I want to go camping as soon as I feel like it
Both generations have chosen light campers.

I hope you will find a camper that fits you too.

ecodog CAM VANと看板犬ジョルノ


Representative of ecodog, Hiroshi Togatsu
October 2020 auspicious date